White Egret Redesigns Packaging to All-in-One Candling Kit

OGDEN, UTAH, December 2013—White Egret Personal Care, a Utah-based manufacturer of personal care candles and facial care products for more than 40 years, has redesigned its personal care candle packaging to an all-in-one candling kit that provides its customers with everything they need without making another purchase. The kit comes in an attractive new box that highlights the organic feel of the products.

“This kit is a game-changer in the industry because it provides an all-in-one solution to save the consumer time, effort, and money,” said Austin Bideaux, General Manager of WEPC. “With the creation of this revolutionary packaging, we have brought convenience to the customer in an environmentally friendly box that is all-inclusive and very easy to use. We believe in providing our customers with an experience that they can be 100% satisfied with, and we know this will be the case with this new packaging.”

The all-in-one candling kit contains either two or four handmade candles along with strike-anywhere matches. What’s particularly special about the new packaging is that the box converts into its own candle holder, which can be used and re-used for each candle. Not only is it convenient and recyclable, but it reduces waste for a positive, eco-friendly impact on the environment.

“The new candling kits come in several varieties, including paraffin, beeswax, lavender and herbal that target therapeutic areas like congestion, sinus, and allergy while providing a calm and pleasing experience. New candling kits are available in natural and health food stores for an MSRP ranging from $4.99 - $12.39.

About WEPC - White Egret Personal Care, Inc. has been a leading provider of personal care products for over 34 years. WEPC manufactures the highest quality personal care candles and a focused line of ionic trace mineral based skin care products form the Great Salt Lake in Utah. These all naturally occurring minerals provide support and nourishment for the skin. WEPC has a money back guarantee on each product in their line and is continually striving to inform and educate consumers about the benefits of natural skin care and personal well-being.