White Egret Adds Lavender Bath Crystals to Personal Care Line of Products

OGDEN, UTAH, Feb. 13, 2013 — White Egret Personal Care Inc., a Utah-based manufacturer of specialty candles and personal care products for more than 33 years, has added Lavender Bath Crystals to its personal care line of products.

Lavender Bath Crystals are made with salt, organic lavender essential oil and minerals from Utah’s ancient inland sea, the Great Salt Lake. This combination makes for a relaxing and beneficial experience with any bath, foot soak or face scrub.

The Lavender essential oil in White Egret's Bath Crystals contains characteristics that can have a positive effect on the relief of sore muscles, and it provides an overall pleasurable experience. Lavender Bath Crystals also contain other beneficial ingredients, including over 72 ionic sea minerals from the Great Salt Lake. Among the 72 ionic minerals from the Great Salt Lake that are particularly important for skin health are magnesium copper and selenium. Magnesium and copper help to smooth the skin, heal injuries, and increase skin elasticity. Selenium has a powerful antioxidant action to fight damage caused by free radicals. When working together, these minerals will help a person unwind, while softening and rejuvenating their skin.

"Combining the detoxification of bath salts with the relaxing and healing effects of lavender essential oil is a product we are excited about," said Austin Bideaux, General Manager of White Egret. "We are working hard to expand our personal care line, and this product is the first of several that we will introduce this year."

Lavender Bath Salts contain no artificial colors or dyes, and are made with all natural ingredients. They are available in natural and health food stores for an MSRP of $8.39 for a 16 ounce jar.

About WEPC - White Egret Personal Care, Inc. has been a leading provider of personal care products for over 33 years. WEPC manufactures the highest quality personal care candles and a focused line of ionic trace mineral based skin care products form the Great Salt Lake in Utah. These all naturally occurring minerals provide support and nourishment for the skin. WEPC has a money back guarantee on each product in their line and is continually striving to inform and educate consumers about the benefits of natural skin care and personal well-being.