White Egret Adds Four New Scents to its Bath Crystal Line

OGDEN, UTAH, August 11, 2015 — White Egret Personal Care (WEPC), a Utah-based manufacturer of personal care products and candles for over 35 years, announces the addition of four new scented bath crystals to its product line of bath crystals. WEPC bath crystals are made using certified organic essential oils and sea minerals from Utah’s ancient inland sea, the Great Salt Lake, as well as all-natural ingredients with no artificial colors or dyes.

“We are always thinking of the needs of our consumers,” said Austin Bideaux, General Manager of WEPC. “With these new scents added to our popular bath crystals line, we hope to promote relaxation and detoxification, as well as general wellness, as the sea minerals help soften damaged and dry skin.”

The newly added scents include Clarity, Purity, Sensuality, and Relax. Clarity is blended with peppermint and lemon essential oils, which can be used to help clear the mind and increase focus. To soothe a stressed mind and body, Relax was created using lavender and sandalwood essential oils. For a refreshed feeling, Purity was mixed with eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils for a fresh and invigorating experience. Sensuality turns a bath into a luxurious experience with a blend of sandalwood and vanilla essential oils.

All bath crystals include over 72 ionic sea minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and silica. Silica is an important trace mineral for collagen, which supports skin’s flexibility. This mineral can be rapidly lost within the body as it ages. In its ionic form, this mineral, along with the other 72 sea minerals, can benefit the skin during a foot or bath soak with WEPC’s bath crystals, promoting general health.

All new scented bath crystals are available in natural and health food stores in a 16 oz jar for an MSRP of $11.65. For more information on White Egret Personal Care, visit wepersonalcare.com.

About WEPC - White Egret Personal Care, Inc. has been a leading provider of personal care products for over 35 years. WEPC manufactures the highest quality personal care candles and a focused line of ionic trace mineral based skin care products from the Great Salt Lake in Utah. These all naturally occurring minerals provide support and nourishment for the skin. WEPC has a money back guarantee on each product in their line and is continually striving to inform and educate consumers about the benefits of natural skin care and personal well-being.